Meng Qi corners of the mouth with a smile and Yang said, "but the magic door opposite predecessors? Small compartments polite "say that finish is a worship gently.

However, it’s one thing for the Yuan Godsworn to show that he didn’t act as the Enlightenment. He directly pegged Cheng Fei for what qualifications does a mere baby godsworn have in his eyes? He said these things.
And Meng Qi also found himself regarded as this. He said rather naively, "This elder is the younger generation, and this is the younger generation’s master, but even so, the Yaozu of Cuiming Mountain is under restraint."
After Meng Qi said this, the monk of the Magic Door Yuan God paid attention to it. Meng Qi looked at it again, motionless and brilliant, and then sank and said, "It was you who was in charge. Let me ask you, the magic door was ambushed last time, but did you pay attention?"
Meng Qi leng didn’t expect that he would ask this question, smiled and said, "It’s not the younger generation but the younger generation’s wife at a time."
When the Monk heard this, his eyes suddenly narrowed and he suddenly emitted an amazing murderous look. Brother Yuan God’s murderous look is not lower than usual. This murderous look can directly kill him.
For Meng Qi, even if it is not fatal, it will definitely suffer. However, Cheng Fei behind Meng Qi will not watch this happen. An imposing manner is also emitted from him, and then the murderous look will be like a storm over the hill as soon as it approaches Meng Qi.
Meng Qixiao smiled and said, "The elder doesn’t have to be angry. This life-and-death struggle is natural. In fact, as far as the younger generation is concerned, it is quite a demon monk. Don’t say that as far as the rules are concerned, the demon monk can be called the army. At this point, the demon race says that it is too much."
Besides, the younger generation of Brother Magic Door knows that whether it’s a repair or a trick is a contemporary double figure, even in front of his wife. It seems that Magic Door is indeed a talented person. No wonder it can be the right way in just over ten years. equally matched "
In fact, this flattery is also a science, blindly praising each other, which is to take advantage of it, and sometimes it is possible to photograph the horse’s legs.
Of course, it’s not hard to remember that it’s no problem to catch each other’s pride and boast, but Meng Qigang’s words are obviously taken in the right place, and the anger of the elder Jiao is indeed reduced a lot
Meng Qi saw this situation and quickly said, "The elder must have come here to be interested in what the younger generation said. I wonder if the elder is interested in temporarily uniting?"
Elder Jiao looked at Meng Qiran and said, "What is the meaning of your invitation?"
Seeing the opposite side, I finally talked about business. Meng Qi looked positive and then said, "The seniors may not know the right path, but they are preparing to build a path to the right path in Cuiming Mountain."
"What? ! It’s impossible that there is already a magic gate leading to me in Cuiming Mountain, and it’s impossible for Cuiming Mountain to receive a second one. "If the right way is to build the gate, it’s even more difficult for the magic gate to regain this gate.
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "Cuiming Mountain really can’t accept a sending array, but what if they tear down the original one?"
"Tear down? It is impossible to build a Falun Gong array, and it will be so expensive to tear it down so easily? " Elder Jiao shook his head to build an array, which cost a lot. In the magic door’s view, it was simply horrible.
Meng Qi smiled and said, "It’s really a bit expensive for the Magic Gate to build a sending array, but it’s the right way. Over the past hundreds of years, it’s accumulated, but a lot of sending arrays may not be so unacceptable in their view, especially in the case that the sending array in Cuiming Mountain has been damaged."
"Cuimingshan has been damaged?" Jiao elders eyelid jump and then sink a ask a way
Meng Qi nodded and said, "The sending of the array in a battle was also damaged by the wave. Although it can be repaired, it is not planned to come to the right path."
Elder Jiao kept weighing everything Meng Qi said in his heart. In the end, he also recognized that it was indeed possible to tear down and rebuild that array. He thought of this. Elder Jiao suddenly remembered that some time ago, when he was unprepared to break through into Cuiming Mountain, the monks of the right path. Did they just transport and build the array materials? And since then, Zhengdao has never sent anyone to break through and report back.
Thinking of these original places made him wonder. This coke elder naturally linked all this up and believed in Meng Qi’s speech for three points.
However, he didn’t expect Meng Qi to talk nonsense with his eyes open. The sending array has been destroyed and can no longer be broken. Meng Qi said that it turned into a repairable sending array.
Meng Qi, of course, this is to make the magic door’s interest in Cuiming Mountain undiminished, and to add the right path to tear down the dilapidated sending circle, and it will not be left to the Jiao Elder to check.
However, Elder Jiao still had some doubts, but Meng Qi took the opportunity to say his biggest chip. "This time, my predecessors cooperated with our demon clan to capture Cuiming Mountain. If we finally call, we will hand over Cuiming Mountain to the right path. What about building and sending materials to the array this time?"
Elder Jiao was surprised and then looked at Meng Qi with indecision in his eyes, but Meng Qi said, "A few days ago, I have received an order from the clan. We are not ready to take this Cuiming Mountain. Because the war in other places is tight, I will take Brother Hui to support the rest of the more important places. I think my predecessors should understand it."
Of course, I understand that now the demon race is facing the suppression of both sides. I think that the elder Jiao believed Meng Qi’s words for three points.
Meng Qi went on to say, "In fact, the materials sent to the Falun Gong were actually prepared by the younger generation. In fact, the attack on Cuiming Mountain by the elder here has already delayed the order of the clan, but for me, the materials sent to the Falun Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong Gong are extremely heavy. What should the elder mean?"
Elder Jiao considered it for a long time, looked at Meng Qi carefully, and said, "In this case, you and I will make a vow that you will surrender after capturing Cuiming Mountain."
Meng Qi nodded and said, "Well, I’m Meng Qi, and I swear here that once the magic door is closed, I’ll give it to the demon race." Then there was a golden light in the room and then I entered Meng Qi’s eyebrows.
Seeing Meng Qi swear without hesitation, the elder Jiao believed it after all, and then he also vowed to send the materials to the demon clan after the battle.
Now that the two sides have reached an agreement, they are temporary allies, and even discuss with each other the specific matters of capturing Cuiming Mountain.
Chapter VII bullying
Chapter VII bullying
In fact, there is nothing to talk about, but each of them chooses a direction and then stormed. However, Meng Qi has a message to tell the elder Jiao. "In fact, there is another reason for the senior alliance this time, that is, the right path has brought another monk Yuan Shen and it is the middle period of Yuan Shen."
"What? ! Godsworn in the middle period of Yuan God! " Elder Jiao was really shocked when he heard this. Seeing that his look was constantly changing, he finally looked at Meng Qi and asked, "Are you sure?"
Meng Qi nods, "The younger generation is sure that in fact, my master once competed with that monk, and he can definitely be sure that he is a mid-term repair of Yuan God."
In the middle of Yuan God, did the monks fight? At Cheng Fei, the elder Jiao felt that Cheng Fei was a friar at the beginning of Yuan God and was able to play against him at the middle of Yuan God.
But Cheng Fei’s face has been expressionless, and the elders can’t see anything.
"Wouldn’t it be said that there are two monks in Cuiming Mountain now, and one of them is in the middle of Yuan God? Then there are only two monks on both sides of us. If there is a chance of winning, can your master stall the monk in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty? " Jiao elders frowned and glanced at Cheng Fei.
Meng Qi said with a smile; "The elder told a joke. In fact, we still have a Yuan God’s senior, who was also repaired in the early days of Yuan God, but he was barely able to hold off the monk in the early days of Yuan God, but another monk in the early days of Yuan God will be handed over to the elder."
Elder Jiao heard that Meng Qi had two Godsworn brothers, and his consciousness was alert, but he remembered that Meng Qi had vowed to relax and at the same time understood why Meng Qi wanted to join hands with himself.
In fact, the so-called consultation is mainly to discuss this matter. Now that it has been settled, the two sides naturally went back separately, but on the way back, Cheng Fei suddenly said, "Are you really going to give up this place?"
Meng Qi smiled and said, "I don’t have this plan for the time being, but I have given up if I have to."
"I don’t have this plan. That was just now?" Cheng Fei frowned. Does Meng Qi want to break the oath? But when the time comes, it will be punished by God. When I was about to warn Meng Qi, Meng Qi smiled.
"Master, don’t worry, I’m not going to break my oath. Didn’t I just say that I’ll give it to him after the magic door joins hands to attack Cuiming Mountain? I’ll give it to him and then call again, so it’s not a breach of contract." Meng Qi said his plan
Cheng Fei paused and then smiled and said, "Then what clan orders did you just say were all false?"
Meng Qi hey hey smiled and said, "Of course it’s false. This Zhao is my root base. I will never give up until I have to."
"You little" Cheng Fei looked at Meng Qi with a wretched smile and then shook his head and said, "It’s a good idea, but can you still display that dragon soul possession now?"
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "I can’t for the time being, but if I attack Cuiming Mountain, I’ll think of some way to say that it’s no problem to stall the monk in the middle of the Yuan God if he can fight."
Cheng Fei nodded and said, "Since you have a plan, I won’t say anything."
Meng Qi also nodded and said, "Now, master, please sit here first. I’ll go back to the mausoleum and say that Ai Zhuofan should have no problem if he wants to participate in the war."
Meng Qi returned to the imperial tomb, and then went to Ai Zhuoshui to close the room. Meng Qi knew that Ai Zhuofan was protecting his sister in it.
Meng Qi pushed the door and went in, but he didn’t see Ai Zhuofan. But Meng Qi knew that he was here. Meng Qi directly said, "Ai Daoyou, please come out and meet me."
There was a wave of anger in the corner of the room, and then a figure appeared, and then a voice with no emotion said, "I don’t know what the director Meng is doing here?"