"What will happen to you?" he asked

Since the meeting of the mysterious soul flower and the soul fog has begun to produce a fusion reaction, when the fog disappears, the evil here will inevitably wake up
The secret service won’t let evil spirits escape from the yellow tower.
Either they begin to seal Taotao evil spirits in the tower together, or Taotao will get rid of them all before they wake up.
But what kind of cause and effect will thousands of evil spirits die at her hands? No one knows.
The wind line is as cold as usual. "If you insist on doing this, I will accompany you."
Taotao "We are both dead. What about Chaos Tomb? Besides, I don’t necessarily die. "
She looked at the wind and laughed. "Grandmaster once told me that heaven is a mechanism to maintain the balance between the world and the world. He also said that you are a man of destiny. Your appearance means that evil will inevitably infringe on the world in your life, but you will not devour me and say that your power method has awakened."
"But in this world, there must always be someone to drive away the emperor clock and the sacred purification. Since Heaven is a mechanism to balance the world’s good and evil, it should know that once I die, not only will your power not awaken, but no one will be able to make the emperor clock so unbalanced."
Taotao said, "Since human cause and effect are controlled by God, I won’t die now."
The wind pondered her words. Although everything was her speculation, it was also reasonable.
If she dies, the man must not be a spiritual master who can tie him down. An evil spirit that has been floating and sinking in the sea of Asura for 300 years, plus the silent Lord and the purgatory gate, are eyeing tens of thousands of evil spirits. No one can control this situation.
But some of God’s Xu Lingzhi won’t want her to die now.
The soul-killing fog has been absorbed by Xuan Soul Flower by half.
Peach rose, and she did not hesitate to ring the emperor’s bell.
Outside the tower, people can’t stop hearing melodious bells and staring at the yellow tower with a solemn face.
The secret service spirit division is on standby, ready for the tower at any time for fear that evil spirits will escape from the tower.
Even if Ying Taotao has as many evil things as Di Zhong Tower, she can’t kill it alone, can she?
Jiafeng is only two people.
Will they really not be buried in the tower when she takes away the ghost fog?
The weather is clear and the sun is burning.
Qi Handian was sitting in the crowd wearing a sun-shading straw hat. At last, he heard the emperor’s bell ring and looked at the yellow tower.
He can feel that there is a more terrible force sweeping the whole tower besides the emperor clock.
He muttered, "This is …"
Peach and peach are pale, although there are four strains, but ringing the emperor clock one after another has also caused great consumption to her.
Wake up slowly, and the evil spirits are instantly depressed by the impact of the clock.
Taotao has studied the Emperor’s Bell. Although simply ringing it can do harm to evil spirits, it is not enough for some powerful evil spirits to be seriously injured or killed.
At the beginning, the storehouse where Nangong Dust was located was completely injured by the Emperor Zhong because the Emperor Zhong recognized the Lord and self-sounded, which saved 300 years of strength.
And the silence of the Lord was hurt by Taotao’s ringing of the emperor’s bell because she had been seriously injured by Nangong dust before.
Three hundred years ago, Nangong Dust wiped out the evil spirits with the help of Emperor Zhong Qing, not just knocking.
Taotao looked through the chaotic tomb classics, and the Emperor Zhong was able to clear the sky because there are three styles that can be learned to exert its real power, but which three styles have been lost?
Peach and peach are dying, and their hands are full of light.
Taotao took hold of him. "Don’t mess with your business."
She just talked about it in Kan Kan, but mostly she speculated that once there was an accident, she didn’t want the wind to bear the consequences with her.
There is no wave under the eyes of the wind.
Taotao "I’m afraid you have an accident. You are unappreciative …"
"I said that even if I die, I will be willing to do it," the wind said. "The Emperor Zhong has purified me sacredly and will not restrain me. If you think you can beat me after you have four spiritual veins, just stop and stop. These evil spirits will wake up."
Taotao is speechless.
She let go of her hand, and when the two men were about to kill the evil spirits in the tower, Xuan Soul Flower suddenly burst into a red light, and the breath in the tower suddenly changed.
See you later, peach. There’s an undercurrent from the first floor to the ninth floor.
All evil spirits float in the half-inhaled air, and involuntarily rush in the direction of Xuan Soul Flower by the wind.
Then it was swallowed up by the brown and withered flowers in the middle of the fog
Chapter 175 Chapter 175
Chaos tomb is your father can’t live without chaos tomb?
The dazzling and intense red light wrapped around the tower body, and the thick chain wrapped around the tower body broke inch by inch in that red light.
It’s hard to say, but it makes people’s hair stand tall, and the center of the yellow tower suddenly broke out.
The spiritual masters consciously control the instruments to resist, but most people have no spiritual power at their physical roots, and it is difficult to breathe in that powerful evil.
The evil spirit ran out when he just started to kill God. Yuan Ling stood in front of him. He resisted Nathan’s cold evil spirit. "There is no such powerful evil spirit in the tower. Is it because Taotao did something to make the evil spirit in the tower merge?" This evil is still in the tower. Once it breaks out of the tower, no one can resist it. "
For a moment, the "tower" was evil, and slowly spit out two words.
He knew that Ying Taotao was in the tower, and maybe she would never get out of the tower.
He doesn’t want to trap her in the tower either, but this evil is too looming. Once you have such evil spirits, you can imagine the consequences if you rush out of the yellow tower.
The secret service division is about to tower, and Yuan Tian stands in front of them. "No, Taotao hasn’t come out yet."
Hody also said, "Evil spirits haven’t crossed the tower yet. Do you want to wait?"
The evil is getting stronger and stronger, and the sky is dark and dark clouds cover the head.
"You can feel how horrible this evil spirit is. Now, who can bear the consequences once it comes out?"
Yuan Tian, of course, sensed how horrible the evil in the tower was, but Taotao was still inside. He said, "Give me five minutes, and I’ll go in and bring Taotao out."
"Xiaotian-"Yuan Linggang tried to stop him, but Yuan Tian turned and ran to the tower gate.
Before he stepped into the yellow tower, the evil spirits that haunted the tower suddenly gathered from heaven and earth and returned to the tower, and disappeared in just a few seconds.
Such a huge hidden evil, just disappeared.