Huangfuye repaired his face and swallowed Huangfuqing’s eyes. He said slowly, "You have no wrong background. It’s not that you can choose to know that Mei’s pregnant. Although I was angry at that time, I didn’t want her to have an abortion. You are my heir. Another childish koo. I don’t know which person is pregnant with Mei, but I don’t believe that there is such a coincidence in the world. Princess Ya Gui and six emperors were killed in the frenzy, but when Mei’s pregnancy day was? I can’t help thinking deeply, so I kept her and led the man out. Who knows that I haven’t looked for Mei’s four years ago, and another shock broke out in the wild. I connected the man’s story and thought that he was probably the mastermind behind all the plots, but he turned out to be really "

"The emperor … take son koo male and female servants and guilty? I don’t know which male and female servants he is … "Tears rolled down Mei Guifei’s eyes." Men and women in their hearts have always been emperors, and they have never had second thoughts on the emperor … "At this moment, she forgot what she was thinking.
Huangfuqing’s eyes are as deep as a pool, locking her body lightly. "What do you want to show me so much?"
Mei Guifei’s crying in her mouth immediately stopped her face, and her eyes became dull and stagnant.
Yes, it’s already happened. What she said was superfluous. Why did she open her mouth and say those words when she knew this? Besides, didn’t she ever think about repairing something? She was willing to accept punishment, a complaint.
What’s more, even if the emperor doesn’t care about the crime of betrayal of her heart, how can she blame her brother for committing genocide and being a daughter of Meifu?
Mei Guifei bowed her head and smiled with a pale face. She died of blood on her hands all these years, and she deserved it.
"Liang Rong" Huangfuqing looked at Liang Rong from her body.
Liang Rongqian should be an "old slave"
"Mei’s body was infected with a malignant disease and died suddenly this morning." Huangfuyi said that Liang Rong naturally understood the meaning of the emperor’s words. "The emperor assured the old slave to announce it later." He stepped back two steps and then walked beside Mei Guifei. "The sinful woman Mei quickly went to Yanfu Palace with the sage."
Mei Guifei mechanically climbed up and walked out of the temple door behind Liang Rong.
Stay heavy doors closed HuangFuQing again to look to HuangFuYeXiu looked at him some white but trying to keep the emotional face sighed, "I know it’s hard for you to accept this fact at the moment, but the fact is the fact that no one can change Chapter 79 Royal.
Bright red bloodshot slowly pours out from Huangfuye’s mouth, followed by an uncontrolled spurt of blood from his mouth.
I waved him to wipe the blood from the corners of my mouth and look at Huangfuqing. "I once doubted my own life, but you banished the royal family tree and demoted the common people to the imperial palace. On that day, I thought about it carefully. The root of your anger was not just because of the loyalty and courage, but I didn’t expect it to be … My biological father was that man …"
"Are you all right?" Huangfuqing’s eyes are stained with a little cherish.
"I’m fine," said Huangfuye, shaking his head in a hoarse voice. "Although my third brother has been fighting from time to time in recent years, I can clap my chest and say that I have never done anything that really hurts him."
Huangfuqing said, "I know what you said is true, but you don’t know that I never thought of putting the emperor in your place or in the third place. Do you know why?" Huangfuye said nothing, and he added, "What about you? Because of your identity, the third child is not abrasive at all."
Huangfuye’s eyes show surprise. Huangfuqing seems to see what he wants with a faint smile. "Are you thinking that as far as you adult emperors are concerned, besides your third child, you are the most qualified and likely to become a future king with the strength of your mother family?" Huangfuyexiu didn’t shake his head or nod, which is the default.
"If I want a successor who has both ability and political integrity, if he is a dedicated national successor, he and I will only make reference." Huangfuye xiuwen stunned and dispersed to his knees. "I won’t complain if you want it."
Huangfuqing was silent for a moment. "I didn’t want to take your life. After all, you are the one I grew up watching, and I know your sex." Huangfuyexiu looked up at him again in astonishment. "Do you want to leave me alone? Aren’t you afraid of leaving disaster? "
"Will you?" Huangfuqing raised his eyebrows and asked Wen
Huangfu Yexiu shook his head with great certainty without thinking. "I won’t covet something that doesn’t belong to me. He gave me life. He did evil even if he died with a knife. I won’t do stupid things. I won’t harm others without conscience!"
"I know that you are a white right and wrong!" Huangfuqing raised my hand and said, "I will allow you to bury their bodies properly, and then I will make arrangements for you and all the people in your house."
Huangfuye kowtowed and got up and excused himself. He didn’t think he could still live. After all, his current identity is born to die, but the fact is that he will live well, and all the people in the house will live well. This is not something he can’t help but feel "Father … I won’t let you down …"
When he walked to the door of the temple, he looked back at Huangfuqing with moist eyes and then left without looking back.
He has a father in his heart, even if he doesn’t deserve to call that father again, but his father will always be the person he respects and the father he admires very much!
The Empress Dowager of Cining Palace waved back Princess Pingyang, the imperial secretary, every few minutes.
"Everything is like a dream." The Empress Dowager twisted her hands with a sigh. "My mother’s heart for the emperor is not enough, and she almost ruined her ancestors’ century-old inheritance." Princess Pingyang spoke in a particularly easygoing tone as if they were old friends instead of aunts.
Princess Pingyang caressed the edge texture of the tea lamp and said slowly, "Does your sister-in-law still complain about your brother?"
"Years have passed and I have already let go." The Queen Mother let go of the beads and her eyes fell on Princess Pingyang. "Besides, I have no position to accuse the first emperor of not being an emperor, but a monarch who likes and dislikes us women."
"But you’re still injured, otherwise you wouldn’t have left the palace to go to such a far place to pay homage to Buddha after the death of your brother." Princess Pingyang, the queen of Huangfuze’s palace, didn’t say that she knew, but she didn’t know that many "real brothers had wives in their hearts."
The queen mother smiled bitterly. "Yes, the first emperor had me in his heart, but he respected me." She paused and looked at Princess Pingyang and advised, "You should let me go."
"What can I do if I don’t let go?" Princess Pingyang put the tea lamp on the table and said with a disappointed look, "I didn’t expect that he would throw everything away by a woman and take a road of no return, so he ended up pitying those children … They didn’t make a mistake and shouldn’t be buried with him!"
"that’s their fate!" The queen mother sighed
Princess Pingyang nodded slowly. "Yes, it’s all fate!"
I don’t know what the queen mother thought of, but her face suddenly floated with a smile. "I can’t say how happy I am to see Xiao Jiu and his brother in harmony."
"The emperor has been very kind to Xiao Jiu these years, and Xiao Jiu is a transparent and natural emperor." Princess Pingyang smiled and added, "Before you know it, he is an adult and will soon be a father!"